Creating a BFM account

    1. Download the BFM app from Google play store
    2. Once the app is installed tap (icon) to open it
    3. Tap sign up, then enter your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, gender and password
    4. Click on Continue
    5. Now, add your favorite categories i.e., the one which you would like to have in your feed and receive suggestions for.
    6. Click on sign up
    7. Verify your email from the link we just sent you.
    8. Login to the account
    1. Go to your profile
    2. Tap Edit profile
    3. Now you can click on the part that you want to edit and then save the changes.
  • You can change your password through the login page where you can click on the forgot password option from where you will be redirected to verify your email. A request and link for changing the password will be sent to your email.

Editing the Profile

    1. Once you have created your profile, click on login
    2. Now, type in your email address and password and you will be logged in into your account
    1. Click on edit profile
    2. Now, delete the default bio and write your desired one
    1. Login to the account
    2. Click on ‘NEW’ tab button
    3. Select the photo or video that you want to post
    4. A processing image bar would show after which you will be able to edit and filter your photo or video
    5. Attach tags (for high visibility) and captions on the post
    6. When the post is ready, click on the post or share button

Searching and following

    1. Click on the search (search icon) on the feed.
    2. Type the username or name whether complete or incomplete in the search bar. For e.g., for Anmol Kapoor you can just type An and the search bar will provide a list of suggested names
    3. You will get a variety of suggestions for your respective name
    4. Click on the required one and visit their profile
    5. You can also filter out people based on there followers, location and profession.
  • The location feature lets you find people working in a certain field near you. Users can filter the field that they want to find the professionals in.

    1. Login to your account
    2. Go to location search
    3. Type in the field you want to search for (for example if you are looking for actors within 10 - 100 km radius from your location, search for actor in the search bar)
    4. Now, you will get a host of suggested artists within 10 - 100 km radius of your searched profession.
    1. Login to the account
    2. Click n the “world’ tab at the bottom of your Home Screen
    3. After you click on the tab you will be given some recommendations about the fields you prefer or you can just slide down and browse through the various posts
    4. If you want posts related to a specific term or keyword, you can tap on the search option and go to the ‘Tags’ bar, where you can enter tags related to the posts you would like to see.
    1. Login to the account
    2. Visit the profile that you would like to follow/unfollow or go to any of their posts
    3. Click on the follow/unfollow button
  • In Global Explore Page, Favorite category is made unique for all users and it will be same as what they chose in their favorite categories at sign up. You can also click on that category and a separate feed of posts related to that fav category will be visible.


  • Proposals feature lets you send collaboration requests, describe it, share links etc.

    1. Login to the app
    2. Click on the mail button on to top right part of the screen or click on the mail icon at the bottom of every post
    3. Edit the proposal
    4. Click on send button
  • All the send and received proposals can be seen in your app drawer

Commenting and Sharing

    1. After you have logged in the app, scroll through the post you want to comment on
    2. Click on the comment button
    3. Write your comment
    4. Publish it
  • Anyone can like or comment on your posts.

Messaging and Tagging

    1. Login to the account
    2. Slide left from the home feed
    3. The message window opens up
    4. Type the name of the artist you want to message
    5. Type the message
    6. Click on send
    1. Go to the message window
    2. Open the chat which contains the message you want to delete
    3. Log press on the message you want to delete
    4. Now click on delete button
  • By the help of the tags feature, searching is made easier. By entering a certain keyword related to what you would like to search, the related posts will be displayed.

    1. Scroll through any post with a tag
    2. Click on the tags mentioned in the post
    3. You will be able to find all the related posts to the tag