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BFM app brings you the Opportunity to Collaborate, Connect, Search, Recruit, Send Job Proposals and showcase your work life all at one place!

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What do we have in stock?

Our 4 prime features help you discover and get discovered. If you are a budding artist or an employer looking to hire budding artists, BFM App is all you need!

Finding the one

Are you looking for a Singer near your location? Or for a content writer from anywhere in the world? Whatever the case be, BFM has Search Feature which helps you find the right person for your job based on your location and/or field preference.

Your own Portfolio

Now you can proudly post about your work and build a personal portfolio on your BFM feed without worrying about looking too professional.


Get ready to receive proposals for recruitment and Collaboration after dazzling the viewers with your impressive work and BFM feed.

Search Engine

Get encouraged, inspired and influenced by searching about people and their work by using our BFM search engine. The search engine helps filter all the other fields, to give you preferable results.

Why is BFM the right option for you?

BFM is a platform where profession meets Smart Media and does wonders to your career. With the help of BFM App:

  • You can find artists to work with based on their field and locality by using BFM Search feature.
  • You can post about your work on your BFM feed and have your Portfolio be globally marketed for free.
  • You can send or receive proposals from people all around the world based on your Smart Media presence and the hard work portrayed on BFM profile.
  • You can look for Artists and their work belonging from a specific field without being spammed using BFM Search Engine.

BFM app aims to build a Platform that provides all the ingenious artists an opportunity to have their self-built sustaining identity and a market presence without being dependent on anyone else.

Bid farewell to the middlemen and be the master of your own career. BFM follows non tolerant policies that will protect you from any obstacle towards your journey of success.

What do the users have to say?

You might not trust us right away but there were some users who did and we could not afford to disappoint them. Enough of us blowing our own trumpets, let’s hear out what others have to say!

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